​​The City of Virginia Beach operates under the council-manager form of government.

Members of the City Council are elected for four-year terms on a staggered basis. In the past, Virginia Beach residents could vote for all 11 council members, including the mayor.

In the November 2022 election, residents were only able to vote for candidates who lived in their newly defined district (as determined by the U.S. District Court). All residents will still be able to vote for the mayor. The mayor’s election will take place in 2024.

2024 City Council

Virginia Beach City Council Members

Picture of Michael Berlucchi

Michael Berlucchi

District 3

mberlucc@vbgov.com 757-407-5105
Picture of Barbara Henley

Barbara Henley

District 2

bhenley@vbgov.com 757-426-7501
Picture of Robert W. "Worth" Remick

Robert W. "Worth" Remick

District 6

wremick@vbgov.com 757-840-5855
Picture of Dr. Amelia Ross-Hammond

Dr. Amelia Ross-Hammond

District 4

arosshammond@vbgov.com 757-840-0735
Picture of Jennifer V. Rouse

Jennifer V. Rouse

District 10

jvrouse@vbgov.com 757-840-1821
Picture of Joashua F. Schulman

Joashua F. Schulman

District 9

jschulman@vbgov.com 757-840-1291
Picture of Chris Taylor

Chris Taylor

District 8

chtaylor@vbgov.com 757-840-5859
Picture of Rosemary Wilson

Rosemary Wilson

District 5

rcwilson@vbgov.com 757-422-0733
Picture of Sabrina D. Wooten

Sabrina D. Wooten

District 7

swooten@vbgov.com 757-797-5625
Picture of David Hutcheson

David Hutcheson

District 1

dhutcheson@vbgov.com (757) 651-7641